Our Menu

Starters + Canapes

Signature Starter dish

Ackee and Salted Cod

Ackee and salted cod vol au vent

Ackee / Cod / Puff pastry

Prawn cocktail vol au vent

King prawn / Mayo / Lettuce

Mackerel and CUCUMBER towers

Mackerel / Cucumber

Smoked salmon crustini

Caviar / Salmon / Lemon Soft Cheesse

Mushroom and spinach vol au vent

Mushroom / Spinach

BBq Veg kebabs

Seasonal vegetables

Plaintain and avocado mousse

Plaintain / Avocado

Dressed TIGER prawn

Tiger Prawn / Mayo / Lettuce

Jerk Chicken and Pineapple

Chicken / Pineapple

lamb kebabs


Bbq wings

Chicken wings

JERK wings

Chicken wings

Main Courses

Signature main dish

Cherry wood smoked Jerk Chicken

Chickpea and spinach curry

Chickpeas / Coconut Milk / Spinach


Mixed beans / Coconut Milk / Okra

quinoa, mushroom and spinach

Quinoa, Mushroom and Spinach

ACKee aNd butter bean

Ackee / Butter bean / Spinach

Cherry wood smoked jerk chicken


Cherry wood smoked vegetables

Seasonal Vegetables

Curry mutton

Lamb / Spices

FLame grilled lamb chop

Lamb Chops

Cherry wooD smoked Beef brisket

Beef brisket

Escovitch (BREAM or Snapper

Fried fsh / Microherbs

Seafood boil

Prawns / Crab claws / Mussels / Corn / Potato

Mackerel rundown

Mackerel / Coconut milk / veg


Signature Dessert

Soursop Ice Cream

Guiness punch ice cream

Guiness / Milk / Cream

avocado ice cream

Avocado / Milk / Cream

Tropical bakewell tart

Passonfruit jam / Almond

pineapple upside down

Pineapple / Golden Syrup / Sponge

Tropical fruit platter

Seasonal fruit

coconut drops

Bacon / Shrimp / Garlic

spiced bun and cheese

Bun / Cheese

Soursop ice cream

Soursop / Milk / Cream

Cornmeal pone

Conrnmeal / Coconut Milk

Coconut Cake

Coconut / Coconut milk

Plantain cake

Plaintain / Milk

Rum cake

Jamaican White Rum